50% Discounton Donates

  • 2018-05-18

  • 50% Discounton Donates

    New Update - V 341

  • 2018-05-18

  • 5 New Update - V 341
    Added New Weapon Fight With More Thats Than Normal Fight

    You Can get This Fight Fom FGw By Collection Book

    Added New npc Arena Coin

    Added Char Effect For Arena Coins

    Added Special Items For Arena Coins

    Mp Hp 4100

    Premium Remover Scroll

    Change Name Scroll

    Dammge - Defence 20%

    STR - INT Scroll

    Hit Rate - Parry Rate Scroll

    Res 60-100% Scroll

    Immortal - Astral Scroll

    Fellow Pets not Vehicle

    New Update - V 340

  • 2018-05-03

  • Added 2 Quest

    Gold Quest

    You Should Kill 2 Sphinx and Kill 1000 Akeru Level 109

    to finish the quest to get your rewards ( 500m Gold )

    Silk Quest

    You Should Kill 2 Osiris - Kill 2 Sekhmet - Kill 2 Nephthys

    to finish the quest to get your rewards ( 25 Silk )

    This 2 Quest is Daily

    add Switcher D12 D13 D14

    Work Only On Fight D11 weapons

    Fellow Steps on the scroll to do it right

    Add exchange / Stall in Action again

    Added 2 Immortal Stone in Medusa

    Added 1 Silk As Rewards Per Kill in CTF

    Added 15 Silk As Rewards in Arena For Winners And 5 Silk For Loser

    Added Baronet And Knight Quest

    Removed Started Title From new Players and Old Players

    New Update - V 338

  • 2018-04-03

  • Honor Speed Changed To 200%

    Pets Attack Damage Descrease

    Arrow And Bolt And Pets Pill-Hp Max Stack Changed To 10,000

    Gold Drop Rate Increased

    Medusa Droped 5 Global And 5 Zerk

    Trade is 2 Slots Now With 3000 max Stack

    Events (#2)

  • 2018-03-22

  • Hello,Scenario Online. Players

    [Server Info]

    HThere a Event Pvp Str - Int Donate and no Donate

    HRewards Title name

    HAlso if you're winner of this week you will play in final in next week

    Hand if you lose we will remove the title name

    Hthen if you stay winner we will keep the title name and you will get 1b and 100 silk extra

    H--- Event Uniques ---

    Hif you killed medusa or roc you will get title name


    Wish to have a great days and fun time in Scenario Online

    Best Regards

    Scenario Online Team

    Information (#1)

  • 2018-03-21

  • Hello,Scenario Online. Players

    [Server Info]

    Hello! Welcome to Scenrio.😉👌

    We are here to offer a completely unique server

    where all of you will be able to experience an original, exciting & fun gameplay.

    scenrio is a server with a brand new gameplay promising to excite you.

    Gameplay is not that far away from oldschool

    but we had to make some changes in order to offer a more interesting server.

    We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to

    offer the most oldschool gameplay possible

    but without all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time.

    All our features are tested and made in a way that ensure you won't face any problems.

    We tried to be innovative on many parts as you will easily notice on our .

    We really hope you will like it and join us!😎


    Wish to have a great days and fun time in Scenario Online

    Best Regards

    Scenario Online Team